Topic 1 - Mast Climbers
Mast Climbers are the here and now! In the competitive job market we all need tools that make us more competitive and successful in landing the job and raising your profit margin. From design and development to laying the first course of brick or efis, we must stay very aware of our costs.
With the Mast climbers, you will save TIME and DECREASE YOUR LABOR. Mast Climbers have shown a steady DECREASE IN ACCIDENT POTENTIAL. Mast Climbers are proven to be 95% THEFT PROOF and 100% OSHA FRIENDLY. So when you add together time, productivity, decrease your labor, decrease your accident potential, and reduce your liability on theft and OSHA citations, you will save money and become more competitive in the masonry and plaster industry. CMC offers User Classes And Installer Classes for all Mast Climbers at our yard or on the job-site.
Topic 2 - Swing Stages
Having well trained and knowledgeable associates is critical when using and installing suspended scaffolding equipment. CMC offers an array of training programs to meet your product, application and safety requirements. Training can be conducted at our training center or at your facility. Contact us to schedule a training class that meets the needs of your organization. Class includes Safety, Operator and Application Training including theory, hands-on instruction and demonstrations.


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Topic 3 - Estimating

CMC is also equipped with a staff of personnel experienced in the erection & dismantling of all types of scaffolding and shoring in the commercial and industrial field. Complete engineering & design services are provided in accordance with Customer project requirements in mind, including all the Safety Factors.
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