Mast Climbers

The ACT-8 work platform provides safe environment for repairs and maintenance of structural works.
 Whether it is for new construction or rehabilitation, for concrete surface preparation or formworks
installation, that mastclimber represents the perfect solution for vertical access to particular structures.
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Designed to satisfy the needs of masonry contracting companies, the FRSM-20K work platform combines safety, sturdiness and capacity for mid- to large-size job sites. Used with one or two masts, this system of cantilevers, bridges and forward extension allows users to benefit from over 130 different configurations.
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Designed to fulfill your needs. Franco's FRSM-8000 hydraulic mast climbing work platform is a surprisingly powerful and efficient tool for all contractors who want to lower their costs and become more productive and profitable. Increase your earning power by 30-40%!
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SINCE 1970
cmc2019005004.gif cmc2019005003.jpg cmc2019005002.gif cmc2019005001.jpg
FRH-2500 & 4000 Crain
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of Demolition of The American Tower Building @ 811 Dallas St.
Houston, Texas in 2017.
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